Our particular strength lies in the field of antenna development. Since antennas in modern wireless systems can rarely be considered independently from the rest of the system, the interaction (mutual adjustment and electromagnetic compatibility) must be considered with other system components. Our focus is primarily on the development of passive RF components and assemblies.


But not only the immediate surrounding of the antenna (e.g. the system itself) has an effect on the antenna characteristics such as matching, directivity and gain. The antenna fixture, the mounting location and in many cases the user of the system itself can greatly influence the antenna. We perform a comprehensive analysis of the entire system and develop appropriate solutions. Often only small changes to individual components can increase the performance of the overall system significantly.


In addition to RF and antenna development for mobile communication, navigation and radar technology, we are offering services in high power microwave engineering. In particular we provide detailed advice on the issues of occupational safety and harmful effects of microwaves on human beings. Furthermore we are able to create appropriate measures to protect your employees when dealing with strong electromagnetic fields.


We have a lot of experience with the major commercial simulation software as well as with license-free  tools.

Technical measurement verification of the simulation results and experimental optimization of the individual components as well as the total system play an important role in the critical development phase. Confident handling with up-to-date measuring devices and equipment is essential. The attended time for trouble-shooting will be significant reduced by involving an independent expert.


We support you in all phases of development, from initial concept ideas and feasibility studies to production preparation and quality assurance.


We look forward to your project requests!


  • Integrated antennas
  • Antenna arrays
  • Phased arrays
  • Smart antennas 
  • Embedded antennas
  • Antenna systems
  • RF/MW components
  • RF circuit design
  • Layout optimization


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