Experience in the field of RF Technology

  • Wireless data transmission under extreme wave propagation conditions
  • Generating and driving high-power microwaves
  • Development of microwave components for efficient power transmission, distribution and radiation
  • Field theoretical calculations and analysis of the field distributions in oversized resonators
  • Development of microwave-tight door systems
  • Material Examination in the microwave range
  • Microwave technical shielding of equipment and work areas
  • Electromagnetic compatibility between different microwave, communication and sensor systems
  • Suppression of undesired effects in strong microwave fields
  • Work safety monitoring of high frequency fields
  • Design and development of microwave measurement systems
  • Study of  ‚Modenverwirbelung‘
  • Antenna development for high performance systems
  • Theoretical studies of energy transfer with a microwave beam.


  • Antennas and Arrays
  • Antenna systems
  • RF Components
  • RF Circuits, Systems
  • Consulting and Development
  • Highly reliable and competent


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